[BILD] Mission Kontakt News Startseite [BILD] Startseite > Andere > News > Reports > Final Report > Final Report - content Biomasse und Fasern Kohlenhydrate Proteine Pflanzliche Öle Besondere Pflanzen Downloads Interesting Links [BILD] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD] Final Report Bornholm Lithuania Finland The Baltic Region Final Report - BASAN List of content 1. Preamble 1.1 Background 1.2 Objectives 1.3 Workpackages 2. Executive summary 3. The complex of challenges 4. Recommendations 4.1. Joint activities 4.2. Regional activities 5. The Baltic Sea area 5.1 Agriculture in the Baltic Sea area 5.2 Primary production, yield of the most common crops 5.3 Introduction to the Baltic Sea regions 5.3.1. Denmark 5.3.2. Germany 5.3.3. Latvia 5.3.4. Estonia 5.3.5. Poland 5.3.6. Sweden 5.3.7. Finland 5.3.8. Lithuania 5.3.9. The Baltic Sea Islands 6. Factors of significance for the dynamics of rural regions in the Baltic Sea area. 6.1. Nature given factors 6.2. Institutional framework 6.3. Variable factors 6.4. Intangible factors 7. Initiatives that will contribute to a more dynamic development in the Baltic Sea regions. 7.1. Joint activities 7.2. Acitivities on regional level 8. Technological observatory/scout function 8.1. Projcets financed by EU research progammes 8.2. Survey over EU research projects 8.3. Scout function - working procedure 9. Regional development- why do some regions perform better than others? 9.1. Innovative clusters as a regional development tool ? 9.2. Potential agro-industrial clusters in the Baltic Sea region 9.3. Research clusters - networks of excellence in the Baltic Sea area 9.4. How is a cluster created? 9.5. Regional impact of research. University – industry co-operation 9.6. The public environment 9.7. The importance of geographic location 9.8. Other important factors 10. Agri-production versus Agri-culture 10.1. Agri-culture 10.2. Agri-production 10.3. The food industry in the future (2010) 11. New production opportunities in the Baltic Sea regions 11.1. New production opportunities 11.2. Bioenergy 11.3. Combined fuel and feed production. Animal protein feed as a co-product 11.4.Food and non-food products 11.5. New crops - Speciality crops 11.6. By-products from agro-industrial productions 12. The Virtual factory concepts 12.1. The Vita Wheat Company 12.2. The LUPRO PROJECT 12.3. Summary of reactions to the virtual factories 12.4. Questionnaires 13. Creation of ago-industrial activities in rural area Experience from USA 13.1. 21st Century Alliance 13.2. Kansas Value Added Centre 13.3. New Uses Council 13.4. Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialisation Corporation 13.5. The Agricultural Community Action Process 13.6. Value added Agricultural Products Development Grants 13.7. Rural development policy 14. Final conference 14.1. Needs for changes 14.2. Success stories 14.3. New business opportunities 15. Basan members --> > go to Final report Intranet